Mac update — top good and bad things I’ve seen

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First, I must say I’m glad I got a Mac for at least one reason: It has come up in 3 business conversations in the past few weeks.  Mac seems to be making more inroads into organizations via executives.  Interesting.  So, that allows me to post it here under technology trends.

For those that care, here’s an update on my experience after a few weekends of playing with my new iMac.

my last post on my Mac generated a lot of conversation and I’ve even made a few new cyber friends, whom I promised updates from time to time.  Right now, there’s more good than bad about my Mac experience.  Here are the top 5 things that really impress me:

1) Resource management.  I can multi-task some seriously intensive activity with pretty amazing results.  Even thought my i/o and/or CPU seems pegged, the ability to still navigate with reasonable responsiveness seems far superior to Vista.  (I have a 6-mo old vista machine on roughly the same level of hardware levels)

2) Spaces.  Should be a requirement for any graphical interface.

3) Installs.  Drop a file into a directory.  I was hearkened back to my first experiences with Oracle when I realized how easy it was to install multiple database instances on a Unix box.

4) Uninstalls.  Delete the file.  Ahhhhhh.  Gotta love that unix.

5) Webcam/photo booth.  The quality of the built-in webcam on the iMac is really top notch.  does great in low light, which every other webcam I’ve had does not.  And Photo Booth is an amazing hit with my kids and their friends.  They crack up in tears when I let them take shots of themselves with all those distortion effects.

Top negative things

1) I hit the Mac version of the famed “blue screen of death”.  Mac’s was prettier, and multi-lingual, and gracefully washed my screen dark grey before the error, but a fatal error nonetheless.

2) Mighty Mouse.  Probably pure preference, but killed my index finger (how wimpy is that?)  Switched to my logitech and all is well.

3) Keyboard shortcuts.  I use the mouse very little when typing.  I do all highlighting using keyboard shortcuts, but the ones on the Mac don’t always work on non-Mac native software apps (like in a web browser).  Things like “quick highlight to the end of a line” can be frustrating.

4) Time Machine drive setup. This post says it all.  The company who once ran a great ad busting on MSFT for the whole “c colon backslash” thing is talking about GUIDS and Partitions?  Ouch.  Need to find a way to make it more intuitive given who they are.

5) Quicktime, AIFF, mac formats.  Not their fault, but proprietarily frustrating nonetheless.  Can’t we all just get along? 😉

On balance, I’m much happier now than I was a couple of weeks ago and am glad I made the purchase.   When I get my copy of Final Cut Express and have time to mess with it, I’ll post back on that experience as that is the real reason (video editing) I bought it in the first place.


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