why I like facebook

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Two years ago I couldn’t get my cousin (who was in college) to answer my emails. I sent her a txt msg and she responded in about 48 seconds. When we finally hooked up over that antiquated device called a “phone”, she explained that she only used email for school and she started urging me to try facebook.

First experience: “This is stupid.” Tenth experience: “This is still stupid.” Then, eventually, I got hooked. I gave a lot of thought to why, and beyond technical reasons, there’s one fundamental thing that came to mind. I miss my hometown.

I grew up in a small steel town. We saw folks — the same folks — a lot. School, stores, games, bowling alley, wherever. And you’d always get the scoop on little things that you just really didn’t think you’d ever care about. When I moved away, I missed that. I found over time that facebook was filling that social void that was left when I moved away.  Now it’s like I’m standing in line at the grocery store catching a 30-second conversation with a friend on how his kid did in his baseball game.  Haven’t decided if this is good or bad.  But was just interesting thinking through why it “clicked” with me.

do rabbits eat birds?

January 14, 2009 at 10:57 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

I worked for a guy once who was very slow to enact change. This was one of the VERY few traits of his that bothered me, as in almost every other way, I saw him as a bit of a business guru. The more I’m in the business world, the more I see the value of waiting and studying and not rushing into things.

I was reminded of this while reading a story today about an attempt to save an island’s native bird population. They got rid of cats so the birds could thrive. But then came the rabbit problem. Rabbit’s don’t eat birds, but they do eat vegetation. So? Birds don’t eat vegetation. Well, turns out they do use it for cover. And in addition to that, the rabbits have utterly ravaged the island causing other issues as well. Maybe they should add a few cats.

Ecosystems are complicated, delicate, and full of hidden interdependencies. So are businesses.

It is a good reminder that I need to get better at discerning when to wait, and when to act quickly. Both can have huge benefits, and dire consequences. My gut feel is that the smaller you are, the more you need to err on the side of acting quickly. Conversely, the bigger you are, it seems most of the time there is far more risk in acting too quickly. Either way, there is no black-and-white answer. But the birds, cats, and rabbits got me thinking how important evaluation of each decision really is.

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