About Billy Bosworth

IMG_5900Yeah, I know… just what the world needs, another blog. But, if you have happened upon this site, then at least you should know a bit about me. First, my goal here isn’t to try and be an expert-know-it-all speaking from the mountaintop. Rather, I simply want to share thoughts and perspectives that hopefully stimulate lots of thinking and other good ideas.

Second, I’m a bit of a strange breed. I’m a cross between football coach and computer nerd. My degree was in Computer Science from the great University of Louisville, where I was fortunate enough to earn a football scholarship. After college, I wore many hats in my technical career including: LAN Administrator, Client/Server Developer, and Database Administrator. At the same time, I also had the privilege of coaching high school football as my “hobby” for 12 years. Nowadays, I have moved my passion for coaching into my professional career where I find myself as a VP and GM for Quest Software’s Database Business.

Much as I love technology, my favorite topics are about people, leadership, and teamwork. That’s my passion for coaching coming out. There’s no better feeling than helping someone to succeed. In my current role, I get to marry passion for people with the coolness of technology. It’s a great career and I feel blessed to be where I am.

I’m so grateful for what coaching taught me and I’m amazed at how much of that experience I apply to business. Everyone knows High School coaches can learn a lot from a good business executive. What may be surprising is that business executives could learn a lot from a good High School coach. At least I did, and hopefully I can pass some of those things along in a fun and interesting way. (WARNING: There will be sports analogies! Lots of them!!!)

Thanks for joining me.


P.S. If you want to drop me a line you can reach me at coachboz68@gmail.com. For a full professional rundown, you can track me down on LinkedIn.


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  1. Billy friend past along your Blog, I’ve been enjoying your willingness to really share. I really like your thoughts on leadership.



  2. […] Billy is one of the many great people I met at Quest. We were travel buddies on a few trips. I’m a cross between football coach and computer nerd. […]

  3. Will there be any volleyball analogies? 😉 That’s my game

  4. When we were in college, my roommate (and one of my best friends) dated a volleyball player. They are now married and remain some of our best friends to this day. I will call her for some volleyball-specific analogies if I need them!

  5. Glad to see you are doing so well. You have a beautiful family. Mike has grown to dislike playing football since your departure. Things were just not the same after you left. Mike wore #68 proudly. He is attending University of Kentucky and keeps telling me about how it could have been. He had a few partial offers and decided he wasn’t ready to make a commitment.

    Continued success and if the opportunity presents itself, drop me a line. Your friend Ed.

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