Will Blogs Make a Comeback?

August 22, 2010 at 11:13 pm | Posted in Professional Development, Technology Trends | Leave a comment

When I think about all the ways we have to communicate, I’m reminded of several studies I’ve read over the years on the effects of too much choice in our world.  It’s amazing how we make the choices we do, which is a field of study all unto itself.  That said, I read an interesting post today about a couple of guys going back to their “old fashioned” macro-blogs as opposed to their micro-blogging social media sites.  It was really interesting to note the regret they experienced.  I can relate.

I was working with a fellow at a start-up and exploring my company taking an equity position.  He had done his homework on me, as I did on him.  When we met he said, “I read your blog” and it hit me how many things I have NOT taken the time to put in there!  My primary use of facebook is picture sharing with friends and family.  I love seeing their kids’ adventures and vice versa.  I really don’t like it as a micro-blog tool.  I get downright annoyed when I read things like, “Some people just make me so angry.”  Then 20 mindless comments appear like, “I’m so sorry… who made you mad?”  or an equally cryptic response of “he is feeling bad too.”  What a waste of time and it always strikes me as narcissistic beyond measure — like an overt cry for attention.  Oh well… it is what it is.  But all of this did remind me that good-ole blogging still has merit.

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