second-mover negotiation

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Got a resume from a friend’s husband the other day.  He’s been in sales for over 20 years, but in only one industry (not technology).  Right on the cover letter of his resume he had published some numbers around salary expectations.  Something to the effect of “I’ve worked for as little as $X in the past, and have made as much as $Y in good years” but “X” and “Y” were actual salary amounts.  I thought this was really odd and not a particularly good idea.   When I asked him about it, he said he put it there because many had asked him for that information in the past.  Wow.

What really surprised me is that this is a seasoned sales professional.  It reminded me that negotiations are so uncomfortable for the vast majority of the people out there.  Yet, it’s something we do nearly every day of our lives in some form or fashion.  I was left with two takeaways from helping him with his resume.  (1) Ask.  Many people will grant your request even if you think they won’t.  (2) Negotiation skills are invaluable.


Blogging is tough

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A couple of weeks ago, a coworker of mine asked me why I quit blogging.  Honestly, I hadn’t thought a lot about it until he asked.  It’s weird with me… for a guy who loves the spotlight as much as I do, there are certain things about which I remain very self-conscious.  One of them is coming across as a know-it-all and I got to thinking, “who the heck really cares what I think about this stuff?”  Not wanting to come across as some guru on the mountain with the scratchy white beard, I just quit blogging.

Literally one day after the conversation with my coworker I received an email from an industry leading CEO whom I really respect.  It was just a couple sentence note asking what happened to the blog entries.  Weird timing.

I thought about it and realized that unless you’re in a VERY small minority of people in the world, it’s very little about the Thinker and more about the Thought.  Meaning, I don’t think anyone really cares about something I say because I say it.  But they may care very much about what I say because the topic and perspective is of interest to them for one reason or another.  Onward we go.

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