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Like most folks nowadays, we’re tightening up our travel expenses at my company, and heck, even in our own family for that matter!  So a week or so ago a few of us started talking about the need for an all-day meeting.  We just had too much to cover for a series of short meetings as we needed to really keep our train of thought going through a variety of related issues.

I currently use Skype for 1-on-1 calls, but today there were 3 of us and that presents a problem for Skype at the moment.  AFter some digging, I stumbled on a product called oovoo. It is free for up to three simultaneous users, then you can pay for up to 6 after that.  They have PC and Mac (beta) versions available.

The only issue we had today was audio feedback, which is more a fault of not using headsets than the application itself. So, we opted to dial into our conference call line for the audio, and just use the video.  Turns out the latency was minimal and it was a fantastic solution.  We had a 6 hour meeting that was far, far more productive than if we were just on the phone and we saved airfare, hotels, etc., in the process.

Oh, one other advantage… today we were all three in remote offices, i.e. not on the corporate network.  I do not think we would get passed firewalls if we were on the corporate network, which I know is a challenging issue for a lot of organizations right now.

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