one bad apple

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About five years ago I was coaching against a guy who, quite frankly, I just flat out disliked. I thought he had no class, was living vicariously through his kids, and was teaching his team things that were antithetical to what I wanted to teach our high schoolers. Over time, I projected that same attitude towards his players and fellow coaches. I learned how wrong this was when a week after the game I got a letter from one of their players. He wrote to say that he wished he could play on a team like ours and what a struggle it was to play under his current coach, and that he wasn’t alone. It was humbling. And it was a good lesson.

My three daughters are from China. Through the course of their adoptions, we’ve gotten to know dozens and dozens of Chinese people on a fairly personal level. Trust me when I say that I have my issues with China’s governmental policies on many levels. Some more personal than others. Yet when I got to know the people, I realized again how wrong it was to lump the masses in with the leadership.

I know from experience the same is true in business. It’s easy to label someone as “the same” as their departmental stereotype or their leadership.  Evaluating each person, as a person, and on their own merits is very time consuming and painstaking, but I have been reminded in many times, and many ways, that it is the right thing to do.


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