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August 7, 2008 at 12:25 pm | Posted in Professional Development | 1 Comment
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I received two magazines in the mail today. The first one I thumbed through was one of those trendy, “modern living” type magazines that was largely one big advertorial. In it I saw ads of people with teeth that were whiter than white, with a promise that mine could look that way too. Tummy tucks and yoga for golfers. Younger skin and harder abs. I didn’t think too much of it one way or the other.

Then I picked up the second magazine. It was from an organization that we support that helps impoverished children and families. Pictures there showed the inexhaustible smile of a child … with AIDS. Another showed a family rebuilding what was left of their “house” after an earthquake. Famines. Pestilence. Disease.

I put the two magazines next to each other on the table and it reminded me that once in a while I need to think beyond my work problems, career development, raises, and getting ahead. This isn’t a guilt trip or meant to try and thrust my values on anyone else. This entry is entirely a reminder for me.

Note to self: When I get down and frustrated and upset with my work problems, pick my head up a little higher and get some perspective… then come back to the problem in its proper context. Odds are I’ll find a better solution that way.


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  1. Great reminder Billy.

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