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July 8, 2008 at 3:36 pm | Posted in Business, Professional Development | 1 Comment
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Picking up from an earlier post on simplicity, I found this idea interesting. Sounded great at first, but after watching the video, I think I hate it. Initially it sounded great, but then you could tell the guy was just becoming a slave to the clock. I get the idea of keeping the slides tight and simple, and I’m all for it. But you can also stress out your audience in a big way if you’re not careful.

Most people listening to your presentation will vicariously feel your emotional state. If you’re excited, it will catch on. If you’re nervous, it will make them feel uneasy at your nervousness (like watching a train wreck in slow motion). If you’re rushed, they’ll feel uneasy. So I’m really not sure I like this style, but it did get me thinking about what styles do work. It’s a good question to ask ourselves: What styles work best, and do I use them?


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  1. I saw this too, and my first thought was, “That’s perfect when you want to impress the audience with the delivery method instead of the message.” Everybody will remember your timing, but will they remember your message?

    I keep my favorite presentation tip bookmarks on Delicious.

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