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Over the past several days, I have been continually hammered with a resounding awareness of the power of simplicity. It has come in many forms, some of which may merit their own post, but the essential point is the same: simply communicate. Or maybe better said: communicate simply.

If you’ve never tried to do it, you may find it’s way harder than it sounds.  Here is where coaches will make or break it.  Playbooks are generally pretty thick.  Options for every play seemingly unlimited.  Yet you have these kids that have to absorb it, and implement it, along with every other distraction they have going on in their life.

Making the complex simple in coaching is rewarded and appreciated.  But not always so in business.  Sometimes the one who dazzles with technical talk or obscure ideas is seen as the smartest guy in the room.  Well, he may be the smartest, but not the wisest.  In fact, he may be neither.  Until he can “simplify” it, one may never know. More on simplicity in coming posts.


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  1. Amen to that brother!!! Well said.

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