who is your booth coach?

June 30, 2008 at 7:11 am | Posted in Professional Development | Leave a comment
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Watch a football game and sooner or later they’ll give you a camera shot of the booth coaches. They sit high in the stands, well above the field, and talk to the coaches on the field via headsets. They are invaluable for several reasons:

1) They are far enough from the fray that they can see things for what they are. Contrary to popular belief, being on the sidelines is a LOUSY place to watch a football game. Your perspective is all wrong. It’s tough to see the big picture. The booth coaches can see it perfectly from their vantage point.

2) They can think clearer. It gets very, very emotional on the sidelines. You’re trying to coach right from the trenches, so to speak. Players are flying around in front of you, you’re trying to deal with officials, often you’re fighting the weather, too. It’s chaotic. Your coach in the booth is far enough away to not get entangled by those things in his thinking.

3) They are usually better strategists than the coaches on the field. As a head coach, identifying which guys have the right kind of thinking to keep in the booth during games is often one of the most critical aspects of the job.

I believe we should all have a booth coach. Someone who knows our life and career game plans. Someone who is objective and not entwined in the emotions of our problems. Someone we trust as a good strategist and clear thinker that we can trust. Someone with skills in areas where we may be weak. Do you have someone like that? Talked to them lately? I’ll be calling mine tomorrow for a catch up. Always valuable, that is.


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