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In commenting on my post about choice (thanks to EGM for that video, btw), kbarrette said:

There’s a skill to eliminating choices from consideration to reduce that sense of overload.

Ain’t it the truth. I think we’re all pretty good at it within our areas of expertise. For example, when we would go to coaching clinics, we’d be faced with dozens and dozens of presentations by experts on various systems to run and coaching methodologies. But the longer you coach, the easier it is to get there, scan the list, and know what will be applicable to you. Voila. Instant choice narrowing occurs.

But take something I’m not experienced at like my Mac. Which thanks to a free iPod Touch, also led to the chaotic, satanic, underworld of darkness known as backing up your DVDs. No, I’m not talking about stealing. I’m talking about my own videos. The ones my kids lose, and scratch, and leave behind on trips. Those. Mine. The ones I *bought* and *own* and just want to backup to a medium I can play in other places than the DVD player. But that’s a whole other post. Check that. That’s a whole book.

To the point here, the THOUSANDS of hits I get back in Google when searching for anything related to my backup challenges is overwhelming. And I don’t have the expertise to quickly wade through them to the ones I need. And, joy of joys, nothing like seeing a post that you think is perfectly on the mark, only to realize it was published in 1994 with version -0.2 of your software package that is now at version 12.5.

Internet search is awesome, but man is there room for improvement.



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  1. Awww, sir, come on, you’re breaking my heart. I threw the terms “copy dvd mac” into Google, and the first link was a Lifehack article that had exactly the right answer (Handbrake).

    Second, the wade-through-data device already exists, and it’s called your support network. Join Twitter.com, which is like micro-blogging. People who follow you will get notifications, and they can respond. There’s a lot of us Mac users on there (I’m BrentO) and we generally respond pretty quickly, like within a matter of minutes.

    To copy DVDs on a Mac, the app you want is Handbrake. Download the GUI version. It makes copying DVDs absurdly simple, it rips out the copy protection (on the Mac version only) and it’s free. Can’t beat that! The Windows version doesn’t remove copy protection, though.

  2. Ahh, if it were only that easy! First, HB forums will tell you (no, they will BEAT it into you) that HB is not a ripper. They strongly encourage you to rip the dvd first, then use handbrake. Yes, it will work in a lot of cases, but when it doesn’t and someone asks about it in their forum, they definitely let you know clearly that it’s not a ripper. The tools of choice seem to be (in this order) Mac The Ripper (MTR), FairMount, and DVDToOnex (Dtox). But even they have problems with some of the newer encryption schemes, and it’s not universal nor consistent. So much work just to backup my own stuff. I just don’t have time for it. Going forward, will probably buy mostly online.

  3. Yeah, I disagree – Handbrake has worked like a champ for me for a couple of years now, and never failed to rip a DVD. (Not about to say here how many I’ve ripped, heh.)

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