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May 15, 2008 at 11:36 pm | Posted in Professional Development | Leave a comment

We just went through a relatively small round of cost containment. Unfortunately, part of that process required a few reductions in headcount. Worlds like “a few” and “relatively small” are little comfort to those who were asked to leave. It’s never easy. At least, it shouldn’t be. I hope I never get comfortable with the process.

However, what I think we all need to get more comfortable with is honest evaluations of how we are doing. That works both ways: employees should seek to know how they are performing, and employers should be eager to tell them.

I’m not a big fan of the formalized review process because, like any “system” it can often be manipulated to skew data one way or another. The hardest evaluation is a real evaluation. A conversation of how someone is really doing. Are they reaching their potential. Are they slowing down the team. Yes, objective data points are required, but they are also overrated when it comes to people. Getting honest, person-to-person feedback should be the objective, and that takes willingness on both parts. In future posts, we’ll talk about some techniques for both sides of that equation.

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