nice summary of the cloud and next-generation databases

April 15, 2008 at 10:23 pm | Posted in Technology Trends | 2 Comments

A little while ago, I posted a very basic introduction to some cloud terminology (is your head in the clouds?) In a recent discussion with a colleague of mine (who is far more knowledgeable in this area), I found that he was working on a draft document summarizing not only cloud initiatives, but also some thoughts on next-generation database technologies. If you have time for a bit longer read that will give you a nice overview, you can read the draft here.

It feels like we’re in the beginning stages of a revolution, possibly the magnitude of the shift from mainframe to open systems 20ish years ago. I can’t imagine that it will have significant business impact for at least a couple of years, but those who understand the early days of any major shift will always have an advantage. Plus, it is some of the most exciting stuff that’s happened to database and application architecture in a long time… even if our heads are a bit in the clouds over it!

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