to virtualize, or not to virtualize, that is the (database) question

April 14, 2008 at 11:01 pm | Posted in Technology Trends | Leave a comment

Over the last six months I’ve been asking customers what their virtualization plans are as they relate to their database environment. Here are some trends I’m seeing…

1) Most answers are very passionate, one way or the other. In other words, there’s not a lot of half-hearted answers. There’s either a very aggressive plan in place to virtualize, or an adamant stance that it is not going to happen.

2) When it comes to databases, Microsoft SQL Server consistently comes up as the key database platform to consider for virtualization.

3) As such, there was a long period of “wait-and-see” toward Microsoft’s Hyper-V to determine performance metrics against (primarily) VMWare.

4) There are still far more questions than answers around virtualizing a production database environment in terms of its full implications.

5) About 70-80% of those I talked to see the idea of consolidating under-provisioned systems into larger SQL Server instances as a more attractive alternative than virtualization.

Will continue to keep an eye on this one as we move through the year and Hyper V gets mainstream. One thing is for certain, whether it’s virtualization or moving smaller databases into larger instances, “consolidation” is definitely on everyone’s mind way more than ever.

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