Earning a right to be heard

April 10, 2008 at 2:57 pm | Posted in Professional Development | 1 Comment

I had a great conversation today with a colleague about this blog.  His thoughts were that my entries were too long to do a new reader much good — that they wouldn’t stick with it.  I countered with: what good is a blog with all sizzle but no meat?  (Not surprisingly, he is in marketing!)  But his point is valid.

It was a good reminder that we have to earn our right to be heard by a new audience.  He asked me if, as a coach, I would stand in front of a team for the first time and give a 30 min speech. The fact is I would.  But, that’s only because I have a captive audience!  Out here, and in life in general, it’s different.  We don’t have a captive audience in most cases — at least not in the early going.

So my lesson to myself for the day is to remember that it’s important to connect to those with whom you are trying to communicate, before you actually get into deep communication.  Perhaps nowhere is this more important than the realm of the blogosphere.

Another reminder was… ooops, there I go again.  We’ll save that for another entry.

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  1. Billy – great blog entry with just enough meat and plenty of sizzle to get folks coming back time and time again. That colleague in marketing you talked with sure knows their stuff!

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